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Pleasant Valley Fire Department sits in Indian Land, South Carolina. Just south of the Charlotte, N.C. border, we are the "Protectors of the Panhandle". Two stations cover about 17 square miles from the NC border of two different counties, to the York County, S.C. border and lastly down into the southern part of Indian Land. We respond to a various amount of emergencies, if you need us, call us. 



We respond to all fire emergencies. These range from brush fires, vehicle fires, dwelling fires, building fires, automatic fire alarms and everything in between.



We respond to auto accidents with injuries or with fluid leaks. On some instances, people involved in these collisions will be trapped or pinned by their vehicle. We can use tools to free these trapped patients.



Similar to the technical rescues and car accidents we respond to, we may have more complex rescues. Machinery or industrial accidents may happen pinning patients in or under the machines.  




Pleasant Valley members possess a First Responder certification at minimum, however, many have their EMT and Paramedic Credentials. We respond to EMS calls aiding them, we can usually get to the scene faster if we're dispatched with them. That's why you often see a fire truck along with an ambulance. 

Technical Rescues


We're equipped to handle a wide variety of technical rescue incidents. These can be rope rescues to water rescues.

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